Letter to My Old Friend

I wish things didn’t end the way it did,
That day in June when we last spoke,
The conversation still at times plays in my mind,
The hurt can still be fresh if I think about it enough,
And I still miss you like crazy,
Your laughter,
Your smile,
Your voice as we talked,
We were closer than close,
We were there for each other through the good and bad,
Through differences of opinions,
I never thought our friendship would end like this,
I know we have been through more than most,
And I was there like family as you were for me,
I have been down that road,
The road when you become so angry you become bitter,
And it isn’t always easy to come out from that,
I could have followed you through almost anything,
And I felt I had for so long,
I knew it was not easy giving up things,
Due to the poor health and the changes all around,
I walked that life for a time now,
And I knew how to handle it better than I did before,
And then the argument about something we disagreed,
And words that were probably written out of anger,
Frustration and unhappiness,
Not calling you every day is harder than you know,
There are many times I wanted to pick up the phone,
But would you even listen to me now?
Would you even give it a moment?
Could we both see to agreeing to disagree?
There are so many moments in my life that you were,
And had been a part of,
I miss you very deeply,
You are still a part of my heart and soul,
Nothing will ever change the place you have,
Even if we do not ever speak,
And I know it can be hard to forgive,
And I know it is easy to be stubborn,
But I do miss you my old best friend.
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