Do You Look Deep Inside

Do you truly look deep inside?
Do you take a second glance?
Do you look within?
Or do you pay attention to only those things,
That is superficial,
To those characteristics that can be seen,
And not the emotions,
Or those characteristics within?
Do you see more than just the beauty that can be on the outside?
Do you peer deep inside?
Do you take the good and the bad?
Do you take the rough edges and the hardships?
Do you listen to their dreams?
Do you listen to their fears?
Do you listen to those things they want to say?
But feel so scared to mention because they don’t know,
If you will still care after seeing the depth,
There are emotions as deep as the ocean,
As vast as the endless sky,
As big as the universe around us,
But do you take a true look?
A look deep within?
Do you even try to see what makes them who they are?
And not just the things from the outside,
Sometimes some people look put together from the outside,
Only to be breaking in the inside,
Sometimes they are strong on the outside,
But feel weak on the inside,
There are so many that are just waiting,
Waiting for someone to look deep,
Deep inside their being,
Inside their soul,
They hunger for it even if they will never admit it,
Because everyone needs to be seen for whom they are,
And everyone needs to feel love,
And everyone needs to feel security,
And everyone needs to feel warmth,
That comes when someone knows the depth of you,
Where there is no hiding or needing to hide,
Where there is no blocking or pretending,
Just to save face for another day,
So, take a moment and look,
Look deep inside for a change,
And give someone that long wanted need,
And make someone’s day,
By seeing them for who they are,
But still loving them all the same.
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