Crying Over Milk Spilled

The freedoms that have been fought for so long,
That many soldiers have risked their life for,
The ones that make us the country that we are,
The ones that we grow up on,
The ones that we sometimes take for granted,
These freedoms are dying today,
Dying just as people fall asleep out there,
Letting things be taken from them,
As if it does not matter,
Those freedoms and things of life,
That was part of our country,
Everything from the Pledge of Allegiance,
To the prayers in our schools,
To being able to express faith openly,
They are crumbling down,
As we cast our eyes outside of these issues,
Pretending that they do not exist,
But soon enough it will happen,
We will start crying over the milk spilled,
Crying about those freedoms that we had,
The ones that have been taken for granted,
As the country continues into the darkness,
The cries will start growing louder and louder,
But will it be too late?
This country was built on principles,
Even if many try to deny them now,
Even if many try to prove that they weren’t,
They don’t want to admit or face up to the truth,
They don’t want to come out of hiding,
And too many of those that care about them,
Are sitting on the sidelines,
Are just watching and letting it go,
And refusing to get involved,
Even in the mildest of ways,
The freedoms that have been fought for,
The ones that are fought for now,
The ones that make us who we are,
The ones that we depend on in our lives,
Rather or not we realize it,
The Declaration of Independence spoke the words,
That shaped this country and what it stands for,
But slowly it is disappearing in the endless blue ocean,
Those words and liberties,
That those that started our nation stood for,
That they fought and died for,
That they wanted to bring to a new nation,
These freedoms,
Those words,
Those actions,
Seem to be disappearing in the wind,
We don’t seem to care what happened,
We rather believe we know better,
And we rather think we know it all,
And as those thoughts and emotions bloom,
Our nation and freedoms disappear,
We are becoming something most do not recognize,
Are we going to start standing up?
Are we going to stop these tracks?
On to where we will start crying,
And we start lament about those days in the past,
And wishing they were back,
And crying over spilled milk,
And those freedoms we had before,
As our very nation disappears.
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