Days of Strife

They say that every day is a gift,
That every day is a birth of something wonderful,
Of promises and memories,
Dreams and beauty,
Heart and soul,
But how do they know?
Do they face the hardships of a tough life?
No one has an easy life with the exception of millionaires,
But even they are living on a fake reality of truth,
Hope is so easy to believe in,
If you are not poorer than the most poor,
And not struggling to just get by in this life,
Wondering what the next day might bring,
Wondering if I will be able to feed myself,
Much less have clean water to live on,
Or basic health care,
Those are the days that it feels life isn’t a gift,
When every waking moment is filled with strife,
And every moment you don’t know how much longer,
That you can go on,
And your strength is lost,
And your hope is gone,
They say that every day is a gift,
But have they walked in those shoes,
Of those that are part of the lowest class,
Of all those that can ever be believed,
Even less than the homeless in the strong nations,
Where there is fear that abounds,
And people hurting others just for pleasure,
And you have to hold onto all those few things,
That you might even own in your life,
The place you live the worse criminal would never be in,
And the cries from the family is heard,
And the sleep has left you days ago,
They say that every day is a gift,
To give those moments and times,
To forgiveness and letting go of hurt,
To start a new with a heart full of hope,
To not be misused and abused,
But how can they start a day anew,
With the fighting on the streets,
And war all around them,
Where they try to sleep with bombs going,
Where they do not know if they will survive,
One more day in this world,
One more day in poverty unlike any other,
They say that every day is a gift,
But how can it be in this hopeless world,
In this despair,
When waking up they wonder,
What will be left at the end of the day,
And going to bed when there is strife,
Pain and ache,
Heartbreak and being torn apart,
And they still keep going,
Because they want to believe in hope,
And that truly a new day could be a blessing yet,
In this mad crazy painful world.
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