Every Day Is Given To Us

Every day is given to us to start afresh,
To start as something new and exciting,
To start as a birth of a promise,
A birth of a dream,
A birth of a friendship,
A beginning of a memory,
A start of something marvelous,
A beginning of a different path,
A moving from one thought to another,
Each moment we are given in this life,
We are given so many opportunities,
Even though we take so many for granted,
Times where we can encourage someone,
Times where we can give forgiveness to those that hurt us,
Times when we let go our past pains and hurts,
Times when we let go the worry in our life,
No matter what it is for,
We are given so many blessings in our lives,
So many little things that we can give birth to,
Give it a brand new start,
Give our lives a true make over,
If we just stop for a moment,
And give the inner parts of our lives a chance,
A chance to work through our minds,
And express new actions of truth,
Express the depth of our hearts,
To those around us,
Every day is given to us,
Every day is a new beginning,
It can be the birth of many things,
Or it could be misused and abused,
It can be tossed to the wind,
As if it doesn’t even matter,
We make the choice every single day,
What way we choose to go,
What way we choose to take this blessing,
Do we use it for good or evil?
Do we use it for blessing or hurting?
Do we use it for peace or war?
These are the days where the world needs it more,
Needs us to not take for granted these new days,
As something that can be the birth of something wonderful,
It could be the change someone desperately needs,
Something that someone clings to,
If we keep this in our mind,
As we go through the day,
To remember the simplicity of these words,
And the simplicity of actions,
Of rather or not we use each day that is given,
Given to us every time we open our eyes,
Given to us as a precious gift,
We choose which way to go for the day,
And what we do with it,
And if we show that we are grateful,
For the birth of a new day,
Every time we open our eyes.
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