Something In This World

If only there was something in this world of ours,
That could rid of everything hurtful in our lives,
If only there was some sort of power,
Where it would take away the pain and suffering,
Of many that are around us,
If only there was a machine,
To rid of illnesses and diseases,
Both those seen and unseen,
And this machine would show others,
How a person feels,
So that we may better understand each other,
And be there in love for each person,
Through their hardships and difficulties,
It would rid of all the chemicals in our world,
Things that make us sick without knowing it,
It would rid all the memories of our lives,
That we thought certain things were good for us,
It would break it down to nothing,
It would give us understanding,
It would give us a better belief to hold onto,
It would give us something more,
The tears that have been shed,
For the losing of this person and that person,
Would be lost forever,
I would rid the world of all the strife,
The wars would disappear,
The earth would look new again,
The peace that everyone craves would be satisfied,
The joy would cover all the tears,
And the tears would be remembered no more,
There would be no more barriers,
And there would be love throughout everywhere you go,
There is a way to this life,
And it does not need a machine that does not exist,
All there is a need is His word,
The words He put into being for our good,
And although there would still be hardships,
There would be the promise of a better life,
And that when we pass from this world,
That we would no longer have to worry,
About those things that are around us,
That there is hope,
And that there is peace,
And that there is love,
That He loves us all,
That all we have to do is accept His gift,
The gift of salvation,
Putting our faith in Him instead of ourselves,
It might not change the world,
But it will change how you see the world,
And it will change everything in your being,
And your life will feel different,
Different than you could have ever expected,
Instead of wishing on a star,
And wishing for things to finally make sense,
Make a simple move,
And that future life you wish for,
Will be yours for the taking,
By making one confession,
To the Creator that made us all.
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