Life’s Directions

Sometimes in life we are taking directions,
Will we go right?
Or will we go left?
Is it ever truly a simple decision?
Of which path we will go,
The one we will take,
The one we will go through in our life,
We go down one road,
And sometimes we wish we went down another,
We go through moments of emotions,
Those deep within the darkest places of our hearts,
And we try to really figure it all out,
Can we really know the truth of our answers?
If I sway one way or another,
What if I want to go to the middle?
What if I want to go both?
Life is never that simple of a game,
We have our lives to make,
As we take the direction right,
As we take the direction left,
What will it accomplish at the end of the day?
Sometimes when we are going through our lives,
We become stubborn and prideful,
Thinking of only ourselves when we decide which way to go,
And not realizing that these directions we go,
Can affect so many other people in our lives,
Some times more than we could ever know,
And then there are the directions in our lives,
That we see later on down the line,
That was trials and tribulations that grew us,
And we see what we might have been hard for us,
Was made to make us stronger in our lives,
We take life as directions,
Even if we don’t always know the extent,
And we don’t always know the ramifications,
And we are always faced with decisions,
Ones that are not always clear cut,
And when we jump right in,
And take that leap of faith,
Taking us to the right or left,
We might not know what might be coming,
But we still think of those moments as we are walking,
Are we heading the right direction?
Are we heading to where we should be?
We take life as directions,
We stand and fight,
For what we believe in,
And we fight for what we know in our hearts,
And our minds,
But, sometimes directions,
Can’t prepare us for the truth at the end,
And if we let down our guards,
And we humble ourselves,
Will we truly find the right direction?
Or will it be the left direction?
We take life as directions,
As we decide each moment where our life is going,
Where our dreams are going,
Where we are going together,
And we keep going taking one way or another,
And we hope and pray at the end of the day,
That it will be all worth it when our decisions are over.
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