More than Words

Before you came into my life,
I felt that love was already gone from me,
Everything was not making sense anymore,
Heartbreak was all around me,
And my heart didn’t want to take it anymore,
I was tired of trying,
And I had been alone too long,
My heart was so empty,
I felt bitter and upset inside,
My whole being felt lost,
Lost and not knowing where to go,
And then you came into my life,
And you brought on nirvana,
This peace and joy I never fully knew,
All the love from before seemed like nothing,
As I looked into your eyes,
And everything fell into place,
I sail away whenever I look into your eyes now,
When I see you looking at me,
And when you think I don’t notice,
I always notice the love that is in your heart,
The love that expands more and more every day,
Every moment I carry on dancing,
Dancing in this bliss,
The bliss of my life and this love,
Every single day is like another beautiful dream,
Something that doesn’t always seem real,
But, seems more than just a dream,
Before you came into my life,
I had been torn apart and broken,
So much in my life had been broken,
My heart had trusted so many times,
To only be let down at the end of the day,
But, than you appeared,
And slowly my heart started to heal,
And slowly my heart started to feel,
And slowly my heart started believing,
And slowly my heart started loving,
The way it had before,
The bitterness and sadness was melting,
The chains around my heart disappearing,
The wall had been broken down,
And now I stand here beside you,
With more love than I could even express,
And no matter how many words I write,
Or poems I dedicate to you,
Or words I say to you,
There are never enough words,
Never enough poems that can be written,
Never enough words to be said,
To tell you how much I appreciate you,
To tell you how much I love you,
To tell you how much I believe in you,
To tell you how much I thank you,
That you found me when you did,
That you gave me hope,
You gave me peace,
You gave me a way to find,
I was able to come out of the dark,
You brought me into the light,
Not only in love but in life,
And there is nothing I could ever say,
To fully show you,
How much you mean to me,
But may these words be a part,
Of my love song to you,
Of my love that can be expressed,
Of the many words of my love,
To the depth of your heart and soul.
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