Struggle for Healthcare

There doesn’t seem to be a straight answer,
An answer of how to help each person with their health,
Forcing a certain type of coverage is not the answer,
Not having coverage is not the answer,
The price people have to pay when they cannot be,
On a health plan that works for them is out of this world,
So many people are out there uninsured,
Just praying each day that they will get through it,
Because the costs of doctors and medications seem higher,
Than the amount of money they have to use,
And going without care is not any better,
As things get worse and worse for them,
Handling health problems is not an easy solution,
And by being in someone else’s shoes,
You might realize just how valuable this is,
So, many are frustrated because of the months,
Or the years they have gone without,
And every single other program is no help,
And there quality of life seems zero,
There doesn’t seem to be a straight answer,
There is something that needs to be done,
And there are workplaces that don’t offer many options,
To help those with something that can mean the world to some,
Those with health do not always see it,
And it is not always easy to explain everything,
That someone can feel within themselves,
When they cannot see doctors,
Or doctors let them down,
And when seeing them costs more than they can afford,
What do you pick housing or your health?
What do you pick food or your health?
What do you pick money for those basics or health?
What do you do when the money is tight?
Not everyone can afford private insurance,
With a per person rate rising every time,
And medications are out of this world,
When it comes to their cost,
And prescription savings cards only do so much,
This issue is all around us,
With people on both sides of the problem,
But there are many that just want a solution,
That could just do with costs being less,
There doesn’t seem to be a straight answer,
For this health problem we have,
What can we do?
What can be accomplished?
Who decides?
So many questions all around us,
As people struggle and fight,
Just trying to keep them above water,
And are not always able to do what they need to,
And do not need doctor’s harsh words,
When there is nothing that can be done it seems,
In this struggle for health care.
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