Do You Walk With Him

Do you walk the talk?
Do you walk with your actions?
To meet your words?
Do you do everything in your power?
Do you give without wanting something in return?
Are you faithful?
Are you true to Him?
Are you serving Him in your walk?
Are you walking with the right heart?
With the right attitude?
With joy in your heart?
With a selfless attitude?
Do you follow Him?
Do you walk with Him?
Walk with Him in your words,
Your actions,
Your prayers,
Your thoughts,
Your everyday moments?
Do you walk with Him?
Do you do it when things are tough?
When things are not easy?
When you are going through hardships?
And you are going through a valley?
When everyone else has left you?
And you literally can only depend on Him,
Do you walk with Him?
Do you stay close to His word?
Do you keep praying?
Do you keep the faith?
Do you believe no matter what?
When life is throwing you to the winds,
And you want to give up,
And you want to give in,
Do you listen to that,
Or do you listen to Him?
And by listening to Him,
You continue to walk with Him,
Walk in His ways
And rest in Him,
And have faith in Him,
Every day no matter what life gives you,
Do you continue to walk with Him?
Through the good and the bad,
The happy and the sad,
The good times and the bad times
The times of trouble and strife,
And everything in between,
Do you continue to walk with Him?
Believing in Him,
Knowing that He will never forsake you,
And will always be holding you,
Through your whole life,
Through those harder times,
And those parts were it is rough,
Do you continue to believe?
And do you walk with Him?
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