Fragile Life

Without your love to comfort me,
Without the joy of being near you,
Without the smiles on your face,
The lovely eyes that I look into,
The peace that I have found in your arms,
The happiness in every single moment,
That we are together,
I do not need much else,
Even in this frailness of life,
As long as I have you,
Money can come and go,
Possessions can grow and deflate,
Friends might not be many,
Or so it seems at times,
Many things might have been taken,
But as long as you are here,
As long as you are with me,
As long as I have your love,
This fragile life is worth it,
Every hard step that I take,
Every hard choice I might make,
Every other loss I might see,
Because you are still here,
You are still here with me,
You have stood by me,
When everyone else has gone,
You have kept me strong,
When I have had moments of weakness,
You protect me,
Through the hardships out there,
Knowing what I deal with,
And how hard life can be with my health,
My lungs are fragile,
Various things seem to hurt them,
Breathing isn’t always easy,
But as long as I have you with me,
As long as you always try to cheer me up,
And take care of me when I need it,
And be proactive with me,
That is all that matters in this fragile life,
This life that I walk through with grace,
By His grace that He gives me,
And I know even with every valley,
And through every hardship,
Every fragile moment,
Through this life,
I will always have your love,
With every moment that you are here,
As you always love me,
Through this fragile life,
And for each moment,
That God give us.
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