Joy Is More Than

Joy is more than being happy,
Being content,
Being in awe,
Being in a great place,
Not being the valley,
But being in the peak,
Getting through a storm,
Or finding a way through a trial,
Joy is more than singing hymns,
Giving out praises,
Giving out peace,
Coming to Him without prompting,
Being a blessing to another,
Giving encouragement everywhere you can go,
Realizing that He fills it all,
And that even with our world today,
We can still experience joy every day,
Joy is being grateful even in hardships,
Joy is deciding to not let emotions rule your heart,
Joy is knowing that there is something more,
Than just a single life here on this earth,
Joy is believing and having faith,
Knowing that no matter what life might throw us,
The valleys that we might walk through,
The dreams that seem far reached,
The hardships that we endure,
We have joy,
Because we know that although life is fleeting,
There is joy that will come,
Someday our tears will fully cease,
Our pain will be but a memory,
And happiness will go on forever,
When we come to heaven,
When we see the Lord,
We will know that joy is more than,
Any human word could express,
As we are filled with ever lasting peace,
We will know true joy forever more.
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