Hold That Dream

Hold that dream,
Those dreams that are in the depth,
In the corners of your mind,
The ones that you don’t speak of,
Those ones that you feel you have seen,
Seen the light of their depth,
The light of the corners,
The light of pure bliss,
Hold onto that dream,
That dream of forever,
Don’t let anyone tell you any different,
Don’t let someone ruin your hope,
Don’t let someone ruin the bliss,
The bliss of having that dream,
The dream of every moment with me,
The dream of that no amount of space,
No amount of time,
Could ever truly separate us,
Nothing can tear us apart in our dreams,
Those worlds that our mind creates when we sleep,
I hold onto you tight and close,
And the dream feels so real,
And the moment feels like today,
And the heart wants to believe,
I cannot escape it,
No matter how much I might try,
So hold onto that dream,
The one of you and me,
The happy blissful moments,
Forget about what others might tell us,
Forget about what might happen tomorrow,
Tomorrow isn’t here it is today,
Today is here with our dream,
So let’s hold onto those moments,
Let’s not let tomorrow come,
Forget about all the other cares in the world,
Let’s hold onto our dream,
Our dream of being together forever,
Without any worry or care,
Without needing perfection,
Because we are perfect together,
Forget about all the hardships that are around us,
Forget about all those things that want a piece of us,
We rather be here holding onto our dream,
The dream of forever,
The dream we fight for every day,
And the dream we see,
In each other’s eyes.
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