One Plus One Equals Us

One plus one equals you and me,
Equals what is us,
We are one,
We are two,
We are two people,
But one heart and soul,
One spirit and mind,
One flesh of togetherness,
But we both still have our own dreams,
That have combined to our dreams,
We both still have our strengths,
That have made into our strengths,
We both have had weaknesses,
But now we take them on together,
We are not alone,
We are together even when not together,
We are dreaming and believing,
We are trusting and knowing,
We don’t need anyone else but us,
We have seen friends fade away,
We have seen people walk out,
Or people who do not seem to need us,
But we are strong together,
We can take on this world,
Because we are together,
We don’t need anyone else,
We don’t need someone outside of each other,
We might wonder many things,
We might wonder where people have gone,
But as long as we have each other,
Praying for the strength of us both,
Believing in what we can be,
Knowing that we are there for each other,
We might have our troubles now and then,
But everyone has their troubles,
But we have each other,
We have less burdens,
Because now we have another to count on,
One plus one equals us,
We need nothing else in our world,
We need nothing else in our life,
We don’t need another person,
All we need is God and each other,
Nothing else really matters,
No material thing can compare,
No additional person could add to this,
We have enough trust just having us,
We need nothing to add to us,
We need nothing to be plus to us,
We just need each other forever,
The love that we have together,
The hope we have forever,
Our dreams that make us,
This beauty of life,
Until the end of time,
One plus one equals us,
Two is one flesh in our lives,
Let everything else subtract from our lives,
We need no other additions,
All we need is each other,
In this life here on this earth.
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