Making the Impossible Possible

Throughout my life they always said,
It was impossible for me to do the things,
That normal people could do,
They always teased me about my weight,
Said some things that were low,
Thinking it would deter me from trying,
To keep trying at this life,
They would tease me about not being able,
To do certain things due to my hands,
And I would just work harder,
They said that I would never get out of special education,
But I would keep going,
And work myself out of it,
Knowing that I could handle this adversity,
Throughout my life I was told it was impossible,
That having what I have was not going to work out,
That the many challenges in front of me was going,
To challenge me too much,
But I have showed that anything is possible,
That despite my health issues,
Despite what I go through,
Despite the hardships of my everyday life,
I keep smiling and keep showing joy,
Nothing is going to knock me down,
Don’t let someone tell you it’s impossible,
If you have a dream,
If you have a goal,
If you have a vision,
If you have hardships in your life,
Don’t let others tell you who to be,
Don’t let others tell you what you can do,
Don’t let others stand in your way,
Turn that impossible to a possible,
Reach higher than they believe you can,
Reach deeper than they think you can fight,
Keep standing even when you feel weak,
Keep going even when you want to give up,
Keep believing when no one else does,
Keep fighting for that possible,
And show that you can handle the impossible,
They said that I could not do it,
Various words and sayings they would repeat,
Over and over again like a record,
But I choose a long time ago,
That I wouldn’t let anyone tell me,
That I couldn’t do something,
That I couldn’t be like others around me,
And yet still be my own self,
I won’t let other people tell me,
What my identity will be,
I won’t let those people tell me,
That there is no way I could do it,
I always believed in showing that anyone,
Can do those things we might not believe in,
And that those that fight for it,
Will always find a way,
To get through those difficult times,
Even when our whole being is tested,
Even when our joy seems robbed,
Because we know that impossible,
Is just a challenge to be accepted,
In our life.
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