Using Our Words

Many people don’t use their words,
To express the love that they have for another,
Instead they use it to break down,
Tear apart,
Hurt someone else,
Instead of using it to build up,
To encourage,
To give praise,
We use our words for the wrong reasons,
We believe that we are the ones wronged,
Instead of just letting it go,
We use the words to express anger,
Saying words in haste,
Saying words we don’t mean,
There is a time for everything,
But not for something hurtful,
We don’t always have to treat others,
The way we have been treated,
We can rise above and use our words,
To express our thoughts and ideas,
In a way that does not hurt someone,
To put aside the words that could relate to someone,
But to put it to actions,
To things that can truly change,
We use words to say hurtful things to people,
Just because they don’t have the same belief we do,
We call people names,
Just because we hear others call them those names,
Just because we think it is right when it’s wrong,
Just because we think for some reason we are better,
Just because of something that doesn’t matter,
Some people think they are better,
Due to money or fame,
Fortune or success,
High climber of the ladder,
But honestly those things matter not in the end,
What matters is our words,
And how we use them,
So let’s put aside the hurtful words,
Let’s not call someone a name,
Just because they disagree with us,
Or just because of something they have,
Let’s encourage,
Let’s give hope,
Let’s give of ourselves,
And that comes from our words,
And our actions,
And the way we treat others,
So many things we say,
Don’t really matter at the end of the day,
So let’s take a moment each day,
And bless those around us,
Instead of saying those hurtful things,
That don’t matter anyway.
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