Bleed on the Page

The blood red tears run onto the page,
The drops drip slowly and quick,
In between as you wrestle with your emotions,
Your heart has broken too many times,
Now instead of tears you bleed,
You bleed onto the page,
You cannot stop thinking,
Thinking of him,
As you look onto that page,
Wanting to write all the emotions,
Tell the page how you felt betrayed,
Tell the page how you felt upset,
Tell the page anything,
Anything to help make the pain subside,
To be able to handle living again,
You feel lost,
Lost within that moment,
That moment when he left you there,
Left you there crying,
Left you there with no answers,
Feeling the love you have slip,
Slip from your grasp,
The blood red tears run onto the page,
You cannot stop them if you wanted,
The love that you felt was going to be forever,
Has turned their back on you,
And you feel that you cannot go on anymore,
You have lost all hope,
You have lost the way to belief,
You never thought beliefs would be this hard,
This hard to hang on to,
But the moment you saw his eyes,
And the moment he turned away,
And the moment that you lost the fight,
The fight to keep holding on,
The blue tears turned red,
And they bleed on the page,
You keep trying to tell the page the emotions,
The emotions that run so strong at the moment,
But the words won’t come,
Only the blood red tears,
That bleed on the page.
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