When did we become so robotic?
So automatic in everything that we do?
Relying on technology to keep in touch,
With those we care and love,
Relying on it to get us through everything,
Instead of talking to someone,
When was the last time we spent more face to face?
Instead of relying on the mechanics of our day?
Our technology has its time and place,
But we need to break out from the automatic feel,
We need to break out from relying on it alone,
To give it more importance than the relationships we have,
Those that are here with us in our every day,
When did we become so robotic?
Leaning more and more on things we create,
Instead of relying on things that are timeless,
And does not fall apart or break down,
Or need any upgrades like those things we own,
We get so spoiled by our modern technology,
Believing everyone should have the newest and greatest,
Of all those modern conveniences that we have,
Not realizing how much we are losing in the process,
We become ever so more robotic,
Depending on those things that we shouldn’t,
We need to break free from our addictions,
We need to give priority to those things in our lives,
Those things that have no worth on them,
Those things that need to be built stronger,
Stronger without always needing those things in our world,
To have a balance in our lives,
We need to regain our balance,
And not let our lives be dictated by the mechanical things in life,
We need to wake up and smell the flowers,
Enjoy the sunsets and the rain,
Enjoy the seasons as they change,
The nature we are put in every day,
The people we have in our lives,
And find true peace and serenity,
All without needing those robotic things overrunning our lives.
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