Love Lives in our Hearts

May these moments always last forever,
Love will never be finished when there is us,
There is always another moment to dream,
There is always another moment to wish,
There is always another moment to delight in,
There is always another I love you to say,
God has graced me with this blessing,
When I thought the world was dark and blue,
When I thought love had forgotten about me,
You came into my life,
And the moments and days that would follow,
Built this love more and more each day,
We trust each other as best friends should,
We love each other as lovers could,
We build up each other as fellow Christians should,
We are there for each other as family should be,
Our love will never be finished,
There will always be another moment,
As there is not a day that comes and goes,
That I can love anyone else as fully and true,
As the love that I have for you,
I choose this love every day,
Through our ups and downs,
The roller coaster of life,
You are the one I want by my side,
May these moments last forever,
As love is not to ever be finished,
It is built on every day,
Through the kindness of your gestures,
The touching of my heart that you show,
There will always be another moment to add,
Another memory to add to our many we have,
This love is my everything,
Eternity has never felt any sweeter,
Or ever had any true meaning,
I thought what it might be,
But until you I was hanging onto half definitions,
I could have ever truly imagined,
Or truly knew than what I know now,
Love is never ending,
True love can last forever and an eternity,
It will never be finished,
Because it always lives on,
Lives on in our hearts.
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