Changing the Hate in the World

There is so much hate in the world today,
The love that once was in the world seems to be gone,
It is somewhere in the dust of the wind,
It is somewhere where the breeze might blow,
The rain keeps falling,
The pain and tears are anew again,
People being killed in our world today,
For doing nothing but being a simple child in school,
Someone seeing a movie to enjoy themselves,
For being in the womb of a woman,
People being killed all in the name of war,
And trying for peace,
And fighting to gain control due to this or that,
There is so much hate in the world today,
There seems to be a lack of love everywhere we turn,
Orphans and children that have no home,
People losing jobs and income due to the economy,
Due to the wars,
Due to companies changing their policies,
Depression is everywhere that we can turn,
There is so much lack of love,
And there is so much pain and violence,
We all need to turn aside from our ways,
We all play a part of how our world is,
We need to show love,
Even when we disagree we can do it without hurt
We can still love someone even if we don’t agree,
We can still be true to our beliefs,
We need to bring God back to our world,
The world is crying out for us to turn from our ways,
From the anger and pain,
The violence and hatred,
Many try to pick petty fights,
Or spread hurtful words just because we don’t agree,
Instead of doing these things we can be kind,
And we can speak truth with love,
We can say that we still care even if they disagree,
We can spread some love to those that are hurting,
Those who are going through the trials and tribulations of life,
Those that are in worlds without hope and much despair,
We can be a light to those that need it,
We need to make a choice today,
Do we choose the anti-love message that is being spread?
Through the words that we speak to each other?
Or do we choose love,
And find better ways to communicate,
Without throwing hurtful words,
Calling people various names,
Just because they don’t agree,
Or because they aren’t like us,
Let us turn aside from our ways today,
And spark some love to heal our world,
To heal of what we see every day,
Let’s show that we can bring light,
Instead of the darkness in the world now.
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