Love Blooms Deep

Your love blooms deep within me,
Grabbing hold of my very heart and soul,
Grabbing hold of my dreams and memories,
Penetrating the very depth of my being,
Breaking away all the hurt and pain,
Replacing it with hope and love,
Breaking away all the bad emotions and memories,
Replacing it with beautiful emotions and memories,
Every day I spend with you,
Every moment you are by my side,
Every dream that I dream,
Love blooms deep,
It grasps the very foundation,
Of my very life,
And it does not let me go,
It does not release me,
It grabs to the very depth of who I am,
Keeping me through everything life throws at me,
Through the ups and downs,
My love stays strong,
Because my love blooms deep,
Deep within each part of myself,
Deep within every part of my soul,
It fills the depth of my body,
It fills the depth of my heart,
It penetrates my whole life,
With just the emotions within,
Emotions that I have chosen,
The emotions that are never ending,
Your love blooms deep,
Deep inside the very depth of me,
Penetrating all of my life,
And healing all of my hurts,
You have given me so much,
More than anyone else I have known,
And your heart keeps me strong,
Through all the hardships and trials in life,
I can face them all,
Knowing that your love blooms deep,
Within me.
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