Dreams are More Than

Dreams are more than just thoughts,
More than just a passing moment going through,
Through the emotions that we have in our minds,
Dreams are more than just a vision,
Something that sticks in our minds,
When everything else seems to fail us,
They are the things that whisper to us,
To tell us to keep going and to never give up,
They give us hope and faith,
And sometimes they are the things that keep us going,
To keep us living this life that we have each day,
And through the difficulties,
Dreams are more than just some farfetched,
Not to be believed in thought,
Or a passing emotion,
It is something to hold onto,
To strive for,
And reach the stars for,
To keep believing in no matter what,
May come into your life,
Difficulties and trials are part of our life,
And we choose to make us stronger or to bend,
And to forget our dreams that we once had,
We have to strive for our dreams,
To not let the disappointments hurt us,
When everything seems to be turned upside down,
That is even more when dreams are more,
More than just a normal passing thought,
More than just a phase,
We have to keep going through it all,
Even when we feel we cannot win,
But we can win,
When we keep believing,
Believing in those dreams in our minds,
They might grow and change,
But they are put on our hearts for a reason,
And sometimes it takes a while,
Awhile for others to see your vision,
But keep testimony of your dream,
Keep believing when no one else does,
And believe when all hope and strength is gone,
And realize that dreams are not easy,
But they are important,
They are something we all strive for,
To not just forget about,
Even when life throws us down a different road,
Dreams are what holds us together,
Dreams are what keeps us going when everything else,
Everything in this world seems to be against you,
Just remember your dreams,
And keep striving toward them,
Through all the trials and tribulations,
Through the darkness and light,
Hold on tight,
Because dreams are more than just a passing thought,
A passing phase,
A passing moment in time,
That dreams can come true,
If you hold on through it all.
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