Slow Down

Slow down!
Don’t rush life so fast!
Childhood only lasts for so long,
Don’t rush to get to a certain age,
Or a certain grade,
Or being able to do certain things,
Enjoy the life you have when cares are nothing,
Where there is no worry about bills,
Or about heartache,
Or hardships unknown,
You can blink and it will be gone,
Times go so quickly even when you don’t want it,
Life goes fast enough,
Listen to me!
I know it isn’t something you want to hear,
Or something you want to understand,
And you think no one understands,
What you have gone through,
Or why you want to get to where you want,
Or go where you want to go,
Slow down!
Don’t rush the life you have so fast!
Don’t keep trying to do more,
More than you need to at your age,
Adulthood comes fast enough,
Along with its responsibilities,
Along with its difficulties,
Along with its trials,
Don’t give something up,
Until you are older,
I know the world has changed,
And it continues to change,
But don’t rush the time you have now,
Slow down!
Don’t rush this life,
Life goes fast enough on its own,
Enjoy the moments you have,
Playing outside,
Enjoying your family,
Making friends,
Having your first or second crush,
Have your first feeling of love,
Enjoy the activities there is to have,
And enjoy the life you have,
Because tomorrow it will be over,
And you will be wishing you had more time,
So slow down!
Don’t rush the time,
Enjoy it because it won’t last,
I know it is difficult to listen to us,
Those who are older,
But there are times we might miss,
Those days gone by,
When life was full of just sunshine,
And worrying about nothing but how much,
Enjoyment we can get during the time of summer,
And those days were we had more innocence,
And didn’t worry about those hardships of today.
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