Unplugging From Life

When life is making things rough,
And trials and tribulations are all you see,
Sometimes that is the moment,
When you need to unplug from your life,
And seek God,
Seek God through the rough and bright patches,
Seek God when everything else doesn’t make sense,
Seek Him when everything does,
When your heart is heavy and weary,
It’s time to rest in Him,
Unplugging from your life,
With its hustle and bustle,
With its deadlines and goals,
With the business of having a family,
There is nothing wrong with all that,
But there is time each day of our lives,
That we should unplug,
And come to Him,
And seek Him over everything else,
To give us strength and courage,
To give us rest and comfort,
To give us peace and ease,
To handle this difficult life,
There are always things all around us,
That we cannot understand,
Some things that break our heart,
Some things that we cannot comprehend,
That is when we really need to come,
Come to seek Him through it all,
When life is giving you all lemons,
And every trial seems harder than the last,
And you break down,
That is when it is time to hit your knees,
And gather true strength from him,
To unplug from your life,
And let Him by your side,
To pick you up from where you are,
And place you to where you should be,
To where He has determined,
Give your life to Him,
Unplug from your expectations,
Let Him guide you through,
Not only will it honor Him,
But it will turn out better,
Than any of the plans you can have,
Let His word wash over you,
And give you the peace that you need,
Unplug from this life,
Don’t focus on the hardships or trials,
Let it transform instead to His son,
And when you get to eternity,
And you meet Him,
You will hear those words,
Of how you been a good and faithful servant,
So take the step today,
Take some time,
And unplug from this life,
And plug into God’s word,
And see a change in yourself,
And the life around you,
And appreciate the life you have,
Praising Him all the way.
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