Entertain The Thought

Entertain the thought,
Entertain the mindset,
Entertain the ideas,
That it is important to be involved,
In other people’s lives,
That no you cannot do everything,
But every portion counts,
It is important to stand up for truth,
To stand up for those that need it,
And those that are in need of love,
Of acceptance,
Of peace and joy,
Of saving of their souls,
Entertain the thought,
That things in this life are temporary,
But it is still important to be involved,
Involved in the lives of others,
In the policies of our world,
In the laws of our land,
It is important to stand up for our faith,
To not turn a blind eye to what is going on,
To not speak up because you don’t want to be seen,
Seen as one of those type of people,
Cannot entertain fear,
We must entertain the spreading of His Word,
And not be afraid of who we speak to,
And not be afraid to stand up for God’s truth,
We need to start doing more,
Instead of complaining of where our country has gone,
Of ignoring all that is going around us,
We need to stand up as God’s people,
We need to start being accounted for,
We need to start voicing,
Before it becomes too late,
We have liberties to protect,
We have others to protect,
The unborn babies,
Those that been through rape,
Those that been through abuse,
Those that are in deep spiritual and emotional need,
Those that need the savior as we do,
Everyone needs the message,
Everyone needs the hope and faith,
We cannot just hold back because we feel
That they might not do anything,
Let the Lord worry about those things,
We need to just follow His commandment,
Even when things are tough and hard,
We need to remember the power of His word,
And how it changed our lives,
Entertain the thought,
The thought that there are many out there,
That need the words,
Need the unconditional love,
And the saving faith that we received,
Entertain the thought,
That we need to do more.
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