Our Special Bond

You hold me when I need it most,
We say the same thing at the same time,
We love God as our Lord and Savior,
We love each other with the very depth
Of our hearts and souls,
We are faithful to our marriage,
We are faithful to the other,
We stand up for the other,
We encourage when it is needed,
We give a hundred percent to our relationship,
We don’t just give a part of us,
We pray for each other,
We say I love you every day,
We have bonded fully in so many ways,
We share a lot of the same passions,
And we balance each other out,
I am the outgoing one,
And you are the quiet one,
We have a very special bond,
And it is more than just because we are husband and wife,
We are best friends,
We look out for each other,
We try to be there to the best of our ability,
We are each other’s everything,
We hold on tight through this life,
Of the life’s ups and downs,
The trials and tribulations,
We fight for each other,
When the need arises,
We have a special bond,
This bond that is shaped by the both of us,
The two hearts that are one,
The two that has become one,
You hold me when I need it the most,
Keep me smiling,
When life has rolled some grey clouds,
You keep me going,
When I just want to give up,
You have faith in me,
When I am questioning myself,
And that is why we have a special bond,
This bond that we have between us,
This love that holds each of us together,
Through God’s grace and mercy,
Through His faithfulness and promises,
He brought us together,
And each day we make it stronger,
This special bond,
That you and I share.
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