My Heart is Heavy Tonight

My heart is heavy tonight,
Trying to understand the emotions,
And the hurt in my mind and soul,
A few tears have come,
And many more are sure to follow,
Even though the knowledge of you are
No longer suffering,
It is still hard to know,
That there is no more chances,
No more ability to talk to you,
No more hearing any stories,
Our family is not close,
And we seem to not share,
Those things that we should,
We don’t share intimacy,
We don’t share stories,
We don’t share joys and trials,
All of those things good and bad,
My heart is heavy tonight,
I know that the Lord is taking care of you now,
And that you are now at peace and rest,
But difficulty of knowing you are gone,
That there are no more chances,
Makes me more and more aware of our family,
And the fact that there is so much we don’t know,
And that there is so much being lost,
Because we can’t put aside our pains and hurts,
And those things of yesterday,
My heart is heavy tonight,
Trying to grasp at the emotions,
That are playing through my mind,
The ones that take root deep in my heart,
I will miss you,
And I do love you,
I know that we weren’t always close,
But you still have a part of my heart and soul,
And I still have many good memories of you,
I will always hold you dear to my heart,
My heart is heavy tonight,
But thankfully I have God’s peace and grace,
His mighty hand holds onto my life,
And He keeps me safe through these moments,
And cares for all the heart and pain,
And finds a way for it to not hurt,
To not be overwhelmed,
And although my heart is heavy,
My heart is comforted by God,
And His wondrous love.
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