Here's To Those Who Stand by Me

Here’s to those who stand by me,
My strength and hope that guide me,
The ones who have always cared,
That always make sure that they are there,
Even though dark murky waters,
I can count on them,
Because they have shown time,
And time again,
That they love and support,
That every grey cloud,
There is always a silver lining,
Here’s to those that walk by me,
Even if we might never meet,
They have given me there love,
And true kindness,
Through every dark day,
And all the happiness,
No matter what life has thrown,
They are there every moment,
A family that I have gained,
A connection deep and strong,
Every single one a facet of my life,
That pulls me forward,
These people mean the world to me,
And I love each one from the depth,
Of my heart and soul,
Here’s to those that stand with me,
That always care what is going on,
That have shown time and time again,
That they are truly my friends,
My family,
A part of my heart,
I am grateful for each one,
And you all are the world to me,
And that bond grows every day,
So to you my dearest friends,
I love and thank you,
From the depth of my heart.
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