There's a Whisper in the Wind

There’s a whisper in the wind,
A whisper of words and promises,
Light and darkness,
Beauty and ugliness,
Whisper of past dreams and hopes,
Floating around carrying through,
Words that were spoken,
Words that were thought,
Actions that were taken,
And actions that were not,
Tears that have been shed,
Hearts that were broken,
Hearts that were mended,
There’s a whisper in the wind,
Voices that call from space,
That call past through all time,
The ones that haunt within,
Ghosts that live within,
Never fully resting,
Flashing through the golden shadows,
And resting in the depth of black,
Coming into the wind,
Echoing long forgotten moments,
Echoing recent darkness,
Trying to pull you within,
There’s a whisper in the wind,
Of moments old and new,
Of love beginning and end,
Of hope broken and lost,
But of hope renewed and found,
A reminder of loss and gain,
The true depth of our hearts,
There’s a whisper in the wind,
Calling out to you,
Pulling you within,
Pulling to the truth,
Give yourself over,
Fight that battle,
And find peace with the shadows,
Without the ghosts of yesterday,
And a new beginning within yourself.
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