Nothing Else Matters

Nothing else matters when it is you and me,
Everything else fades in the distance,
Like an old faded memory,
The world disappears,
And all I see is you and me,
And the love we have created,
And the bond that brings us together,
It started that moment,
The moment you spoke to me,
I felt you that moment,
And now nothing can break us apart,
The connection only grows stronger,
And stronger every moment,
Every moment and day,
Nothing else matters my darling,
Because as long as it is you and me,
As long as it is us we will always be,
You are my light,
You are my dreams,
You are my heart,
You are my soul,
You stirred something so deep,
So deep within my heart,
Lifting away all the grey,
The shadows,
The pain and hurt,
Making my heart feel brand new again,
Nothing else matters my darling,
Because you are my heart and soul,
Nothing in this world,
Nothing in this life,
Nothing around us,
Could ever come between what we have,
You are my everything,
And this connection has bonded deep,
Deep within my heart,
Deep within my soul,
Deep within my being,
This heart has finally found its home,
The true home I was always meant for,
You give me everything and more,
Everything that could break through the barriers,
The barriers of the past,
The barriers of the hurt and pain,
And now I feel renewed again,
Because now nothing else matters,
Nothing else matters when it’s you and me,
Nothing else matters when it’s us,
Because as long as it is us together,
We will get through everything,
Every single moment this world can put us through,
Because now we are strong together,
Strong together as we build our lives,
Build our lives deeper together,
Build our dreams within each other,
We are true soul mates my darling,
And we are meant to be forever,
And nothing else matters,
As long as you and I are one forever.
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