My Body Aches For You (Adult Content)

My body aches wanting you,
You start teasing me ever so true,
I suddenly become breathless,
As you surprise me with such pleasure,
Titillating you kiss my lips,
And I start feeling the arousal begin,
My body tingly responds to your lips,
Kissing every part of my body,
Stopping to kiss every bit,
Making me wet with need,
Than you start to explore me with your tongue,
And I feel like I will lose control,
And than you start exploring me with your mouth,
And I know that it is coming close,
And than we make passionate love,
And I know that I will cum,
Cum so much with this hot love,
Until we both are achy,
From the long night,
But than we start again,
Because we just cannot stop,
Stop wanting to be near,
Wanting to be together,
Wanting to keep going,
Never wanting to stop,
Stop this feeling,
Stop this love,
Stop this want,
My body aches for you,
Your body aches for me,
And together we will be,
Will be forever,
Because we my love,
Are meant to be.
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