There Is No More Snow

There is no more snow,
Not since you have been in my life,
Every day there is a smile on my face,
Every day I feel that there are now roses,
And no longer do I see or feel the thorns,
I do not know how this has happened,
I do not know why,
But all I know is that I have wished for this,
Wish for what you have done,
What you did to make me smile again,
To make me feel the roses,
And not the thorns,
But I want to thank you honey,
Thank you with all my heart,
Thank you with all my soul,
Thank you with all my love,
Because of you my life is better,
My life is brighter,
My life is different,
But different in a way I could never dreamed of,
Never dreamed of,
Until I met you.
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