The Love Between You And Me

Come here my darling,
Come take me away,
I don’t need anything special,
I don’t need a romantic getaway,
All I need is you by my side,
This romance will never fade,
Whenever I talk to you I can feel the passion,
I feel the romance that is within us both,
Never have I felt this way,
Never have I felt an attraction this intense,
Never have I felt that perhaps forever really will last,
That forever has come taken me by my hand,
It has swept me away,
Nothing is going to stop us now,
Nothing will come between this relationship,
Nothing will split apart this companionship of lovers,
Nothing will tear us apart my dear,
Because now that I have you my darling,
Now that you are in my life,
I know what true intimacy is,
It is within those words you say,
It is within that touch you give me,
It is within the way you melt my heart,
Just by saying my name,
Just by calling me to your heart,
Just by giving me something to fully believe in,
I have been searching so long,
I have been searching so hard,
And than here you are,
Something I have always wanted,
Something I have always craved,
A romance deeper than I could ever have imagined,
A romance filled with passion,
A romance filled with love,
A romance filled with dreams,
A romance filled with the two of us,
Come here darling,
Take me away,
Take me to our paradise,
I don’t need anything special,
I don’t need anything fancy,
As long as I have you in my life,
As long as you are by my side,
As long as you love me forever,
I know that I will get through anything,
I know we will get through anything together,
We are meant to be darling,
Two soul mates waiting for that dream,
That dream of finding each other,
That dream of finding our other part,
And now here we are together,
And nothing will tear us apart my love,
Because we will stand through it all,
We will stand through it,
Because we are meant to be,
This love that is between you and me.
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