And The Words Danced

And the words dance,
And they flow,
And they love,
And they hurt,
And they give,
And they take,
They do not conform,
To a direct route,
Or a direct reason,
Or a direct moment,
They light up the sky,
They light up the night,
They light up the moment,
They touch the heart,
They touch the soul,
They touch those that want to give up,
That wants to give in,
That wants to let go,
That doesn’t want to keep on,
But they take that moment,
They take that last strength,
They take that last feeling,
You feel you cannot have,
When everything else drains,
When everything else doesn’t make sense,
When everything else just goes,
Into the darkness of the night,
Into the darkness of the gray,
When there seems to be no light,
They dance,
They love,
They give,
They remind,
They show,
They see,
They see more than we,
Could maybe see at that moment,
At that time,
At the harshness
That seems so sublime,
And they give,
And they touch,
And they show you,
Even when you feel you have enough,
And they dance,
They flow,
They give,
Until we can’t take anymore,
And they don’t stop,
Even when we feel we cannot,
Keep going on in the way,
That we feel we are going,
When we struggle,
To the very depth,
To the very end,
And they dance,
And they give,
And they show,
That we can still live,
That we can still love,
That we can still believe,
Even when we cannot see,
Even when we cannot see,
What is in front of us,
What is for us,
In the depth,
In the darkness,
In the pale light,
That shines through to the tunnel,
That seems to never end,
They keep dancing,
Keep reminding,
Keep showing,
To keep believing,
To keep the faith,
Until we dance,
Dance with them again.
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