Don't Give Up Keep On Going

Don’t give up, keep on going,
Don’t stop, you aren’t at the end,
Don’t let up, keep on fighting,
Don’t forget what you are fighting,
What you are standing,
What you believe,
What you are doing,
What is at the end,
Don’t give up, keep on going,
Stand firm,
Stand your ground,
Don’t let others sway you,
Don’t let this pass you by,
There aren’t many chances,
When you are given this opportunity,
When you are given this chance,
When you are given what you need,
When you are given the true blessings,
If only you would reach out,
Reach out your hand,
Reach out to touch,
Reach out to Him,
Reach out with hope,
Reach out with pain,
Reach out because,
You realize that you cannot keep going,
Keep going without Him,
Keep going without Him in your life,
Don’t give up, keep on going,
Don’t let anything stop you,
Don’t let anything detain you,
Don’t let your pride,
Come between the truth,
Don’t let your hurt,
Come between your blessings,
Don’t let the past,
Stop you from your future,
Just reach out,
Reach out with everything,
Everything that you have,
Everything that you are,
Everything that is in the very depth,
Even if you feel it isn’t much,
Even if you feel it is so small,
It doesn’t matter,
What it is,
What you got,
Who you are,
Just reach out,
Don’t give up, keep on going,
Keep on to the very end,
Because He is waiting,
He is waiting for you,
Waiting for you to reach out,
Call Him to you,
To give Him your life,
To give Him your faith,
To give Him everything,
The good,
The bad,
The in between,
It doesn’t matter,
He just wants to love you,
Love you as one of His,
So reach out,
Don’t give up, keep on going,
It is worth it,
Just keep believing,
Even through that darkness,
There is light at that tunnel,
When you claim Him,
Proclaim Him,
You will find,
The peace you have been,
Been searching for,
Searching for so long.

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