Never Again

Never again will the skies be completely gray,
Never again will I taste a moment,
Without love,
Sure days might be hard,
Sure some days will take more work,
But with you by my side,
With you being mine,
I know that I will never need,
Never want,
Anything other than this,
Never again will I feel,
Anything is missing in my life,
Because you have come into it,
And you have come and filled,
The missing part of me,
With the love of you,
Never again,
Because you hold me so completely,
You hold me so fully,
You hold me so faithfully,
Every single moment,
Every single day,
Every single thought,
Every single dream,
It swirls around,
It mixes within,
It blends together,
As it becomes one with each other,
As we will be,
When we say those vows,
Speak those words,
And pledge,
That never again,
Will there be a gray sky,
That doesn’t have a glimpse of light,
That doesn’t have a glimpse of hope,
That doesn’t have a glimpse of love,
Because even through rough moments,
Even through rough days,
We will be there for each other,
We will always love,
We will always be,
Because we,
We are meant to be.
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