Leaves fall,

Colors change,

Weather changes,

Rain falls,

People are snuggling,

Holding close,

Keeping warm through the cold,

Pumpkins carved,

Costumes on,

Candy given,

Candy received,

Haunted houses,

Ghost stories,

Horror movies,


Good times,


Daylight savings,

What a wonderful season,

A wonderful time,


Beautiful meals,

Times spent with families,

This is the time,

To come together,

As the days become shorter,

The weather becomes colder,

Hot chocolate,

Hot cider,

Holding close during a fire,

Communication during the cold nights,

Bringing intimacy in this beautiful time,


Such a wonderful time,

A time to spend more with one another,

Let the weather be as it may,

As long as I am here with you,

It does not matter the season,

Or the time,

Because when I am by your side,

The wonderful delights of fall,

Are sweeter than honey,

Because I experience with them,

With you,

By my side,

Forever more.

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