On The Other Hand

We all have choices in our life,

We all have paths to take,

We can all take a moment,

We can all take a stand,

We can be a choice of free will,

Or a choice of letting someone else guide us,

That is not looking out for us,

Or we can choose Him,

And know that His steps for us,

Are ones for our best interest,

There are many things that come,

Upon our path,

Sometimes we might not always understand,

The good that can come from the bad,

The learning experiences,

That let us grow,

We can choose to be humble,

Or we can choose to be selfish,

We can choose to think of others,

Or we can choose to think of only ourselves,

But on the other hand,

We can choose the beautiful choice,

That has been granted to us all,

We can choose to believe in something,

In a high purpose,

Within this life,

We can choose to be blessed,

We can choose to let it fall,

We can choose to keep thinking,

Nothing is going to work after all,

We can take advantage of our valleys,

Or we can fall short to depression,

And never see the way out,

Or see how it makes us grow,

There are always going to be hardships,

And difficulties,

But it is our attitude that will speak,

To those around us,

You can choose the positive,

Or you can choose the negative,

You can look at everything,

And nothing at all,

You could care about things of this world,

Or see that there is more to life,

Than the material things,

Of this world,

I’ve been on both paths,

I have seen what both have offered,

I thought the path away from Him,

Was going to be wonderful and grand,

But all it gave me was hurt,

And heartache,

And emptiness,

And then I came,

Looking to the other hand,

I gave it all up to Him,

And asked Him to come into my life,

Knowing something was not right,

Knowing that something was missing,

That something could be gained,

And I humbled myself,

Stopped worrying about things not needed,

And looked upon Him,

And took that path on the other hand,

And since that moment,

Since that second,

I have not regretted it,

Not even for a moment,

It has blesses me more,

Then I could ever recall,

Within my life before,

And I realized,

Sometimes the other hand,

Is worth looking at,

Because it can forever change,

Who you are if you let it,

So now is your choice,

Which hand will you choose?

Will you choose the right path?

Will you make the right decision?

Will you trust?

Or will you walk away?

Will you be blessed?

Or will you be given only temporary satisfaction?

Only you can choose,

Which hand to pick from,

And let it guide you,

Forever more.

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