You Are Always There

Shadows are hunting me,

As I try to lay my head down,

Trying to close them out,

As I sleep with you gone,

Work is where you are,

As I sleep in our bed,

Wishing I was holding you instead,

Of being in this dark alone,

But I know in truth you are always there,

Even when you are not physically with me,

Your love embraces me,

When nothing else can seem to do,

Nightmares are trying to come,

I struggle,

I fight,

My mind is racing,

My heart is troubled,

But before the worse moment,

There you are,

I feel your arms embrace me,

As you wrap me up into you,

Holding me close to your heart,

And instantly the shadows disappear,

The nightmares have no standing here,

Because you are with me,

You wash them away,

Without even needing to know,

As your love embraces me,

Wrapping me up close,

Wrapping me up tight,

And calmness comes again,

No matter what may happen in my dreams,

The beautiful,

The lovely,

Or the hurtful,

Or harmful,

Those feelings of dark shadows quickly disappear,

Quickly at that moment when you hold me near,

My mind eases,

My heart is at rest,

The images disappear,

Because you my darling,

Your love vanishes any fear,

Adds to the love in my heart,

And holds me safe,

Every single moment,

Every single day,

No matter what may come,

Because I am home,

Within your arms.

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