Who Has Left You

Who has left you here in the dark?

Who has left you alone in despair?

Who has given you this hurt?

Where is the person that is supposed to care?

So much hardship you have gone through,

So much pain I have seen you face,

Yet still through it all you remain strong,

And through it all you keep on believing,

Many never seem to fully understand,

People take your kindness,

And try to squash your spirit,

But oh they do not know you,

They do not know your strength,

Even through the hardest moment,

You keep it alive,

I wish every single day,

For love to come into your life,

As it has come into mine,

I know many might not understand,

Or realize the type of friendship we have,

When you hurt,

I have hurt,

When you are sad,

I have felt the sadness,

When you are happy,

I have felt the happiness,

When you are feeling glad,

I have felt the hope,

Who has left you here in the dark?

Who has left you on this path?

Who has hurt you this time my friend?

What can I do to help?

You know that I am here,

I am always here until the end,

You are my best friend,

Fourteen years is something,

I do not take for granted,

You are like the brother,

I had always wished I had,

You stood by me,

When everyone else was not there,

You listened to me,

When all I need was an ear,

Who has left you my friend?

My brother?

Who has hurt you this time?

What can I say?

What can I do?

To help put at peace,

Some of the burden,

Some of the hurt,

Some of the pain,

You feel now?

Remember my dear friend,

I am still here,

I am listening,

I am waiting,

Just let it all out now,

And we will get through this one,

As we have gotten through so many others,

In our lives.

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