Giving Up The Truth

This trading of one thing for another,
This giving up the truth for a lie,
This giving up a wish for failure,
This giving up a dream for heartache,
This giving up our lives for nothing of value,
We keep going on and on,
We believe that if we trade our time,
And keep climbing that ladder,
That somehow it will make us happy,
That somehow all our desires will be fulfilled,
We think if we keep sacrificing our families,
To keep busy doing so many things,
And not spending time with each other,
That we will make it all okay in the end,
We keep thinking if we sacrifice our marriages,
For the next rang on the ladder,
For the next level of success,
For the next level of gold and silver,
For the next level place,
That we can make it up in the end,
If we keep pretending that we know better,
Than that of the person who created us,
Than that of the God who knows us,
That if we keep trading one thing for another,
That it will make everything okay in the end,
But at some point we will realize that we have lost,
Everything that was worth something truly,
We look around us in the moment,
And realize how empty it all is,
When we put Him behind us and tell ourselves,
That we should control our lives,
We create the mess to add to the world,
The fallen world that we already live in,
We keep trading things for another,
Trading those things of true value,
Of true morals,
Of true peace,
For the opposite every day,
We can’t seem to realize we are loss,
In this world of fallen sorrow,
Because we rather live the lie,
That the trading life gives us,
And that it can fill us,
Completely and fully by trading what God gives us,
For the falsehood that is around us,
But it is not too late,
To stop trading truth for a lie,
To stop trading a wish for a failure,
To stop trading the happiness for sorrow,
To stop trading the peace for heartache,
If only we would turn now,
Turn on our ways to His,
And be filled with His grace.
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