The Truth About Love

The truth about love is that it isn’t always easy,
That there is going to be heartache even in a relationship,
No matter how happy you are,
You are going to have sadness even when deeply in love,
It might not be quite what you are expecting what it could be,
Your heart might ache because you are missing your loved one,
Your heart might ache because they have to go out of town without you,
You might have sadness because of how much you deeply love them,
Love is something that can be confusing,
It can be something that is wonderful,
It can be something that is beautiful,
It can knock you off your feet,
It can bring you back up,
It can bruise you,
It can shake you,
And turn you all around,
The truth about love is that there are days,
When nothing else seems greater than the emotion,
The feeling that you feel,
When you feel that you are breathless,
That you don’t have the words to express,
That your heart keeps skipping a beat,
The truth about love is that it grows every day,
That just when you feel you can’t love someone anymore,
It will go out and surprise you,
It will be there for you when no else isn’t,
The beauty of it grows in bloom,
With the moment you see the person you truly love,
The truth about love,
Is that it is different for each person,
That it can be also the same,
That it grows even stronger in the right relationships,
That when you marry the one God has chosen,
That you can feel that your heart is going to grow,
Out of your chest,
And the simple moments truly mean everything,
And those simple things can make the heart glad,
The truth about love is that it is complicated,
No matter whom you are with,
That there is no way to truly explain how you feel,
To anyone else about the one you love,
The truth about love is that it is hard to explain,
As when you are in love the emotion is so deep,
Can be so raw,
Can be so powerful,
That trying to explain your love to someone else,
Becomes something you trip on,
The truth about love is that it is wonderful,
Even with the hardships,
Even with the difficulties,
Even with the challenges,
It keeps reaching up,
It believes,
It keeps growing,
It keeps being,
It keeps chasing the truth,
And it cannot help itself,
By chaining to itself,
And it does not give up easy,
When it knows the truth,
And it keeps hanging onto you,
Even when you want it least,
And it keeps going,
Even when you want it more.
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