Feel My Life Changing

I feel my life changing,
The invisible wind blowing,
A time of beginning,
A time of some things ending,
A time of holding on,
A time of letting go,
A time of pain leaving,
A time of love coming,
I feel my life changing,
Secret dreams and visions,
Brought into the light,
Life has made so many changes,
My words have changed their tone several times,
My heart has gone through many emotions,
Many hardships,
And heartbreaks,
But my life has been changing,
And the past is slowly becoming dust,
As it settles to the end of moments from before,
My words voice has changed through my life,
And now I feel the calmness at last,
And the throwing to and fro,
From the moments past is coming to the end,
I feel my life changing,
The invisible wind is blowing,
The time of yesterday is over,
No more having to remember past heartaches,
No more having to hurt from those times,
The time has healed me,
The words of yesterday fade faster and faster now,
His love holds me strong and true,
As I rest with him by my side,
Those hurtful days of yesterday disappear,
The words are beginning to fade,
The broken hearts of yesterday are now mending,
No longer am I lost in the past,
The present is here and it is strong,
I am finally home within myself,
And I am finally home with having him,
I feel my life changing,
As the yesterday’s fade away,
There are still hard emotions,
But they are fading strongly now,
And I am stronger now,
And I am letting it all go,
Letting the dust fly into the wind,
I feel my life changing,
As my strength in today and tomorrow,
Become clearer in my mind,
I let go the words and emotions,
The thoughts and the past dreams,
Those people who are no longer here,
And I let the end be,
As yesterday fades away.
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