Taking One Road

How do you know that taking one road?
Even if it is the one less traveled by,
Can make all the difference?
How do you know if taking the other one,
The one that was more traveled on,
Couldn’t have a better feeling,
A better meaning,
A better hope in the days to come,
Knowing that you were following those,
That has gone on before?
What if the roads were made of blood and tears?
What if the roads were made of hurts and triumphs?
What if the roads were made of goodness and blessings?
Would you have changed your mind than?
What if the road less traveled on,
Ended up not being what you thought?
What if you could have spent time on the other road?
Why wouldn’t you want to go back to see the other side,
The other side of the two roads that you were on,
And why would you be on two different roads to begin with?
How can it make all the difference?
How can a road relate to one’s life?
How do we find the true answer?
Can you answer me that Robert Frost?
How do we find what truly makes all the difference,
How does it make a difference?
What makes it a difference?
In our lives?
Perhaps we will find the way,
By making our own journey,
On those roads that we call life,
And if we find two different types,
Perhaps we will find a way,
To see for ourselves how one road,
How one way can make the difference in our lives.
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