I Collect The Beautiful Memories

I collect the beautiful memories,
The beautiful memories of life,
The life that is held by me in my heart,
These heart memories hold close and dear,
Close and dear to the depth of my soul,
My soul that keeps on clinging on,
Clinging onto the beautiful memories and days,
These beautiful memories hold onto my dreams,
Those dreams that seem so strong in my mind,
I keep on collecting,
Collecting beautiful memories,
The memories of days,
The days of my life,
The day when you and I became one,
The day when you and I started our life,
The day when you became my husband and I your wife,
I collect the beautiful memories,
The days of my life like when we celebrated Christmas,
As Husband and Wife,
The moments we got to make and spend,
As we did all the holidays together as one,
Sharing so many different things together,
As we build our lives of the two of us,
I collect the beautiful memories,
The days of my life that I look back and smile,
These beautiful memories of life,
The days that stick in my heart,
The days that are rooted in my soul,
Moments like going to the park,
Or going to the movies,
Or walking around the stores,
Or spending time playing video games,
Every single moment I collect,
The simple ones,
The ones with just you and me,
The ones with happiness and joy,
I collect beautiful memories,
Those moments in our lives that can be taken for granted,
Those moments as we share our dreams and hopes,
Those moments of just being near each other,
Those moments I hold dear,
As we spend in each other’s arms,
The time of togetherness,
Of just enjoying every moment of our lives,
It doesn’t have to be something complex,
Because all that matters to me is those moments,
When we can spend together,
I collect beautiful memories,
Beautiful memories of you and me.
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