Traveling on the Wheel

We travel in this world,
Travel on this wheel,
The wheel of life that has been given to us,
Sometimes it has flatness,
Where there are tears,
And pain,
Sadness and the rain,
The hardships without number,
And the last strength it takes to get through,
Sometimes it is round,
With endless possibilities,
With endless joy and hope,
With endless love and peace,
We are all traveling on this wheel,
It might look different from here and there,
It might look the same from this moment and the next,
But we all have different wheels of life,
Each person has their length of time on this earth,
This circle of a planet that has no beginning,
Or an end,
There are no stops,
The wheel keeps on spinning around the sun,
Giving us in this world our seasons,
And times of change,
And we keep traveling,
Traveling on the wheel,
This wheel of life,
The life of ours that we have for this moment,
Each moment is important,
We must make the most of this wheel,
The wheel that becomes our life,
Through the hardships and joys,
The pains and the love,
The memories that can either haunt us or combine us,
The ones that sit in the corners of our mind,
We travel on this wheel,
This wheel of our life,
We have our ups and down,
The good times and the bad,
The times of knowledge and wisdom,
Of loss and hurt,
We keep on going round and round,
Through this wheel of life,
Are we learning what we need to,
Before our time is over?
Are we just traveling the wheel?
Just going through the emotions?
Or do we believe in a plan for our lives?
I travel on this wheel,
With the rest of those that live this day,
In the circles that come,
In these emotions in my heart,
I travel this wheel,
But I know there is a plan for this life,
And I don’t just travel going through the emotions,
I know that there is something to this wheel,
And I keep my faith and hope on that,
As I keep traveling on the wheel of my life.
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