Casting a Spell on Me

I am enticed by your being,
I am pulled into you,
I am pulled into your arms,
I couldn’t fight it,
Even if I wanted to try,
I just want to be with you my darling,
I don’t want to care about anything else,
I just want to be absorbed by you,
Casting a spell on me,
That is what you do,
With just your words,
With just one look,
With just one touch,
There is no denying it,
This bond we have is pure,
This bond we have is strong,
This bond we have is everything,
All we need is each other,
We can let go of the cares of this world,
This love that we have,
This love of the two of us,
The two of us that are one,
One within this bond,
You are enticing to me,
Every secret look,
Every secret glance,
It takes all my strength,
To not just devour you,
To forget about everything else,
Put aside everything of this world,
Let us just be you and me,
This spell you have cast,
Without using any tricks or promises,
Without using any magic,
You have put a spell on me,
You keep me yearning every day,
Every day I just want more and more,
I want it to build until it cannot build anymore,
Nothing is better than this,
This spell of love,
The love I have in you.
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