The Hunter

I track you down,
Through my mysterious ways,
I hunt you out,
And I will watch as you go,
I will follow your every move,
I will stalk your every waking moment,
I will seek you out,
But you won’t know it,
I am a hunter,
A hunter by trade,
A hunter who wants to find you,
I will do whatever it takes,
I will do every plan and scheme,
I will use all my tricks and tactics,
I will use my charm and grace,
Just to trap you within,
Just to trap you within my clutches,
Just to have you in my life,
I track you down,
Through my mysterious ways,
I will always find you my dear,
No matter where you might go,
No matter where you might hid,
I am the hunter,
And my instincts are always on my side,
You may try to struggle,
You may try to get out,
But in the end you are mine,
Because you belong to me,
No matter what you might feel or think,
Those emotions will betray you in the end,
Because you will never be fully free,
Because you are always mine,
You belong to me my darling,
And I will hunt you,
Until you are mine again.
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