Darkness is always hiding in the shadows,
Or so they say,
But darkness is all around us,
It’s in the souls and hearts of others,
It is in the sky as the sun goes down,
It is in things consuming the light,
Trying to blind us from the truth,
Every time we see a half truth,
Every time we hear a lie,
Every time when our hearts get broken,
There is a piece of darkness,
It may disguise itself as light,
It may disguise itself as a dream,
It may try to persuade you with the riches,
The riches that this world has to offer,
But there is darkness there if you aren’t careful,
You must approach this world with care,
It is hard to sometimes see the light,
And easy to feel that the light we see is true,
Even when in the depth it is darkness,
Darkness trying to go after our hearts,
And to close our hearts to the truth,
Darkness they say is always hiding,
But what we don’t always see,
Is that darkness can be right by us,
If we truly looked and see,
We sometimes look without knowing the truth,
We sometimes kid ourselves believing,
Believing what we want to know,
There are times we don’t want to know,
We don’t want to know the truth,
We rather lie to ourselves,
We rather pretend instead of giving up,
Giving up what we have,
So, we live in darkness,
The darkness we make,
And wondering where our light went,
Wondering how to get it back,
Wondering how to break those chains,
Those chains that darkness gives us,
That imprison us and slave us,
Darkness is always hiding in the shadows,
Or so they say,
But sometimes all we have to do,
Is look into our own hearts,
Look into our own emotions,
And find that darkness doesn’t live in the shadows,
That sometimes darkness lives in us.
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