Everyone Needs Love

In the very depth of our hearts,
In the very depth of our souls,
No matter what we have been through,
Or what we have dealt with,
We all need love,
We need it as much as we need air to breathe,
Water to drink,
Shelter to keep us warm,
We need relationships,
Even when we feel that they do us no good,
Or have been hurt so much,
That we don’t want to trust another person,
We need love,
Each one of us needs it,
The connection that comes with love,
The feelings we receive with love,
The unconditional closeness we have,
Even when we are down and out,
Even when we feel the world is against us,
Even when we want to just let it all go,
We need this one feeling,
This one emotion,
This one belief,
We might lose the belief at times,
We might feel we cannot love,
We might feel that the emotion is not there,
Or the feeling has taken vacation,
But when we choose to love,
To choose to love every day,
Through the thick and thin,
We show just how much love means to us,
Everyone needs love,
It is a deep need in us all,
Our Creator put it there to be filled,
To be filled by His love,
And the love of those around us,
So let us give love,
Especially to those that are alone and sad,
To those that might not have many others around,
To give them the love they need,
Let us be like Christ,
And show love to everyone we know,
Through the actions and the words we give,
The encouragement and truth,
That we can bear to one another,
And give love to someone,
Who is lost in this universe,
Who is lost in this cruel world alone.
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